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It’s Time To Invest In A Roll Your own Cigarette Machine.

The times they are a changing for cigarette smokers, and for many that means either quitting or finding alternative smoke methods due to the current prices, which show no real sign of slowing down. While quitting may be the number one option, it’s really difficult to do, which makes the alternative smoking options much more desirable. Electronic cigarettes have gained some ground, but many smokers can’t seem to take to the water vapor taste, even though they are still getting that blast of nicotine. Buying a roll your own cigarette machine is another great option, especially as it allows smokers to get the full flavor of a traditional smoke, but at a fraction of the cost.

It used to be that rolling cigarettes was something of a time consuming chore, but modern machines have made it possible to get the job done quickly. That prompted many smoke shops to install a roll your own cigarette machine in their establishments, with those machines able to roll hundreds of cigarettes in a mere matter of minutes. It was a case of entrepreneurial spirit at it’s best, but the whole process has become embroiled in a fight that involves big tobacco companies, the Senate, and individual states, all of whom are fighting for a slice of the loose tobacco tax pie.

Kansas has already taken the step of closing 20 shops that house roll your own cigarette machines, although their reasoning is that it was done as a safety procedure, stating it was impossible to tell what was actually being dispensed from the machines. That move has not only impacted the stores in general, but also the consumers who were taking advantage of the service that allowed them to get their hands on their favorite smokes at affordable prices.

What those consumers may not be aware of is that they can actually bypass a trip to the store and instead can have a roll your own cigarette machine in their own home. Seeing those machines in a smoke shop might lead many to believe that they are way out of their price range, but there are all manner of different machines to choose from, and all at price ranges that are suitable for every level of smoker. They may not churn out roll your own cigarettes at the speed of the machines in the shop, but they still get the job done efficiency.

Even if the machines do ultimately end up getting pulled out of all the stores, there is still the likelihood that you will be able to buy the tubes and loose tobacco that are essential in making your own. With so many roll your own cigarette machines available for purchase, choosing just one might be difficult, so be sure to read the description and reviews of each to make sure that you get the one that best fits your needs.