How Do You Use a Cigarette Machine Injector?

People have been smoking tobacco products for many thousands of years. The problem of finding a quick, easy and economical way in which to ingest said tobacco products has always been an important question on the minds of all smokers. No doubt, in these trying economic times when everything has gone up in price, tobacco products have more than tripled in price. Back in the 1970’s, a pack of cigarettes only cost less than a dollar; for that price the smoker got 20 cigarette’s all nice and neatly rolled up and ready to light.

Then the 1980’s and 1990’s saw the price of a pack of cigarettes go up to over two dollars and smokers everywhere knew it was time to find another option. From 2005 on up to today saw, increases in the price of a pack go up to four and five dollars a pack. People started cutting back because they just could not afford to pay that kind of price. There were people who remembered watching their parents or grandparents sit out on the back porch and roll their own cigarettes, by hand but that was too much of a hassle.

Cigarette Injector Machines have been around since sometime around the late 1700’s but once the big tobacco companies started rolling out cigarettes and tobacco products in nice, neat, compact packs already to smoke, cigarette injector machines or what they are often known as “cigarette rolling machines”, went by the way side. Tobacco products are very habit forming for many people and where there is a will, there is a way so for these people, it was imperative for them to remember how to roll their own cigarettes. Cigarette injector machines are very easy to use and with a little practice, you can be rolling your own cigarettes in no time at all.

Cigarette Injector Machines come in all shapes, sizes and prices from cheap box type rollers to expensive electric rolling machines. The size, shape and price is really up to the individuals choice as they all work pretty much the same way and achieve the same goal. All rolling machines have basically the same parts including a place to put the tobacco product, a place to insert the paper or ready made tube and either a crank or a button to start if it is electric. Most rolling machines will accept either the paper or the tube but you might want to check with the manufacture to be sure.

Whether you are using an older box roller or a newer cigarette injector machine, you still must place the tobacco into the tray or trough evenly and not too much or the end product will be too tight and difficult to smoke. The next step is to place the paper if you are using a roller or the cigarette tube if you are using an injector into the machine and either turn a crank or press a button and your rolled cigarette is ready to light. cigarette injector machines were made to save the smoker money on cigarettes and time in rolling and with a little practice you will be expertly rolling your own cigarettes.

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