Make Your Own Cigarettes and Save Thousands of Dollars…

Thirty years ago a person could walk into any store and purchase a carton of cigarettes for just fewer than twenty dollars and a pack for just over fifty cents. Not so anymore as a carton will now run you upwards of sixty dollars! That price plus the extra taxes will make you want to make your own cigarettes and save thousands of dollars per year. Making your own cigarettes not only will cause you to cut down but due to the slight hassle of rolling your own, it will also be healthier.

There are literally hundreds of different kinds of cigarette tobacco on the market today you can even find herbal tobacco which is a lot healthier. Moreover, some cigarette shops sell the loose tobacco, chemical free and all natural also making it somewhat healthier. Not only is making your own cigarettes healthier and cheaper but you do not have to pay the high state and federal excise cigarette taxes because person’s who roll their own either by hand or with a cigarette rolling machine are exempt from the cigarette tax. However, maybe you are tired of rolling your own cigarettes, what can you do.

Well, you could find a cigarette or smoke shop, go there and have a very large cigarette-rolling machine do the work for you, you can roll a whole carton’s worth of cigarettes for only twenty seven dollars and in only about eight minutes! These cigarette shops have become very popular of late; that is until the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau decided that these nice little shops with very large rolling machines, they actually considered manufactures of cigarette products and would have to be given a designation requiring them to get permits and be taxed on the cigarettes produced.

So, that leaves you back to making your own cigarettes either by hand or with a rolling machine. Making your own cigarettes really is the best way. The cigarette shops that will allow a person to roll a carton in eight minutes only gives the user the freedom of smoking as much and as often as he/she wants whereas rolling your own does not. Having the ability to make your own cigarettes is really somewhat nostalgic when you remember watching your grandpa or a parent’s sit down to roll their cigarette and you marveled at how perfect it looked.

You can do the same thing, you can make your own cigarettes just as well as your parent or grandparent, you can make your own cigarette look and smoke just as good as a store bought name brand. All it takes is a whole lot of papers, some good quality tobacco, preferably a chemical free or herbal brand; a lot of good filters and a whole lot of patience’s and soon you will be showing off your well made and healthier hand rolled or machine rolled cigarette. Your smoking friends who are still paying six dollars a pack will envy you and if you choose a herbal brand, your non-smoking friends will not mind.

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