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Roll Your Own Cigarettes Stores Facing A Backlash

The rising costs of cigarettes combines with legislation that had made it increasingly tougher for folks to find a place to light up has had a direct effect on the way that people are choosing to smoke. It has also had a major impact on traditional smoke shops that are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet as smokers are starting to lean towards alternative forms of smoking, such as electronic cigarettes which are able to be used even in the places that ban regular cigarettes. Many of those stores now allow you to roll your own cigarettes, and that has now led to an even bigger issue in the cigarette world.

The in-store machines have become something of a runaway success and that has actually led to over 1,900 roll your own cigarettes machines being installed across the country. It appears that the big tobacco boys are starting to feel the pinch of that as they are now starting to rather vocally complain about the inequities in taxation that they have to face as compared to those paid by makers of loose tobacco. The move is now on to force the same taxation rates to be applied, which could spell trouble for the stores and the smokers that have made the switch to roll your own cigarettes brands.

The installation of those machines has allowed many of the smaller type smoke shops to stay in operation, and it’s feared that if the proposed tax hike is pushed through the Senate that many of them will be forced to close their doors. That has led many of the store operators to accuse the big tobacco companies of bullying tactics, which is not really a label that is particularly new to them if truth be told. On the other hand, big tobacco claims that all they really want is an equal playing field, but equal for who. If the legislation does go through, it is likely to mean more money in their already bulging wallets with the consumer and small business owner forced to pay the price.

The backlash against the roll your own cigarettes shops isn’t just reserved for the big tobacco companies though, and there are already a number of states, New York included, that have filed suit against the stores claming that they are somehow evading taxes. Their argument is that the loose tobacco is intended for pipe smokers, and that by using it to fill cigarettes they are jumping through some sort of tax loophole.

The big tobacco companies have the means and money to make sure that the tax changes will come into effect, and that means that if you roll your own cigarettes at a local shop, you may be out of luck. Perhaps the best way to plan for just such an outcome is to go out and buy your own machine. You won’t have to pay a tone of money to get one, and you can send a message to big tobacco by doing so.