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Automatic Cigarette Machines

The Allen and Ginter Company of Richmond, VA., in 1875 offered a contest for the invention of an automatic cigarette machine with the first prize being $75,000. An 18-year-old named James Albert Bonsack in 1880 won that prize and revolutionized the cigarette production industry from that time on. Because of that invention, the production of cigarettes jumped from a mere five hundred thousand to a whopping ten billion by 1910. Unfortunately, while American Tobacco was taking advantage of the new invention and having much success, by 1911 the Federal government stepped in and took over.

There is a wide variety of automatic cigarette machines on the market today with a wide variety of prices to fit nearly every budget. There are hundreds of styles, types and colors to please even the most meticulous of customers. The good thing about automatic rolling machines is that you do not have to tie yourself down to one type of tobacco or one type of paper and you can make them look just like factory cigarettes by using a filter. As for tobacco, you can get any brand or strength you wish or you can get a herbal blend.

The good news is that all types and brands of tobacco and all sizes of papers are easy to use in any automatic cigarette machine. The great thing about automatic cigarette machines is that it takes far less time to roll up a packs worth of cigarettes than it does to roll them by hand. Rolling by hand is fine for old timers who are so use to hand rolling them they probably could not figure out how to use an automatic roller. In today’s society, we all want things done yesterday and having to take time out of our busy schedules to sit down and hand roll enough cigarettes to get through the day just takes too long.

To save a whole lot of time and money, investing in an automatic cigarette-rolling machine may be to your advantage. Most all brands of automatic cigarette machines work pretty much the same way except that some use tubes and some use loose papers. These rolling machines are by far the easiest to use and will accept both dry and humid tobacco. The ones that use loose papers are a flat square shape, very easy to use and you only have to open the box, put in the amount and brand of tobacco you want, put the paper in with a moistened gum, close the lid and out comes a beautifully rolled cigarette.

Automatic cigarette machines are the thing of the present and future because of their ease of use and their ability to take both wet and dry tobacco and any type of tobacco product. No matter whether you want to use your own loose papers without a filter of if you want to use tubes, this product will serve you well into your smoking future and probably your children’s smoking future. No matter which brand of roller you choose, they are all much easier and faster to use than hand rolling.