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Cigarette Roller Machine

You have been smoking forever, the spouse and children are begging you to quit and you know you should not only for yourself but for them. You decide to start by cutting back from two packs per day to one then someone from work tells you about a device called a cigarette roller machine. You think that might be a good way in which to cut back by rolling your own; maybe get some good tobacco. You go on line and look at all the different rolling machines and think, it would be best to get the cheapest one possible that will still do the job.

You became concerned about smoking unfiltered cigarettes but soon learned that not only could you get natural papers, you can also get filters and the cigarette roller machine you were looking to purchase would roll your cigarettes with a filter also. You get to the store and find the perfect roller in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes; ones that will roll your cigarettes with a filter, without a filter; and either king size or regular. You also notice the variety of tobacco available and the ability of the sales person to mix a blend of different tobaccos.

Not only that, you notice there are two colors of filters brown for regular and white for menthol and to go along with the white menthol filters you can get a mint flavored blend that tasted even better than the store bought name brands. To get started rolling your own cigarettes total cost was less than a carton of name brand and the cigarette roller machine, tobacco, filters and papers would all last much longer than a carton, which would only last you a week at most and most times, less. What is even better is that the spouse and kids are liking this new way of smoking much better.

Scenarios such as this are much more prevalent in today’s society what with the economy going through the roof. People who have been smoking for most all their lives and for whatever reason’s either do not want to quit or cannot quit because the habit is so strong. With the rising cost of name brand and even generic cigarettes, these people need a break and for those who cannot afford for whatever reason, one of the expensive electric cigarette rolling machines, the simple cigarette roller machine is very affordable and will do the job very nicely and for a fraction of the cost.

The simple and affordable cigarette roller machine ranges in price from 50.00 to about $200.00 but they all work similarly. You can get them at some smoke shops or tobacco shops; and of course you can get them online. But, wherever you get yours, make sure that you get the one you want, not the first one you find. If you search online, you will find a much larger variety that what you will find at the local smoke shop, plus the price will likely be much better.